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Estate Planning Services

Establishing the best way to settle your estate and assuring efficient transfer of assets to your heirs and charitable beneficiaries.

We work with clients to develop and implement an estate plan so that you can take control of how your assets are distributed. You can make sure your values and goals are carried out.

Up to 85 percent of people surveyed underestimate the size of their estate. This can lead to seriously underestimating the level of estate tax exposure.

Insurance is a special concern in estate planning. A $1 million term insurance policy, worth little while you’re alive, is worth the entire $1 million upon your death. If you own that policy, the proceeds usually are included in your estate and a substantial portion may go to the government in estate taxes, not to your chosen beneficiaries.

It is wise to have a reasonable idea of your asset level and to take prudent steps to plan for those assets.


With an estate plan:

You, rather than the state, decide who receives what share of your assets.

You, rather than the state, determine how and when your beneficiaries will receive inheritances.

You name the executor or trustee to manage your estate, rather than having the court make the appointment.

You have a say in what estate taxes and administrative expenses will be paid, rather than face the potential of high adminsitrative expenses and taxes.

You choose who will serve as guardian for your minor children instead of letting the court appoint the guardian.

You control whether to continue or sell your family business rather than having a forced sale that could end the family business and create financial loss.

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